Car park holes

I am writing about the state of the entrance to the ‘Top of the World’ car park on Woodbury Common.

It is the car park opposite the Woodbury Castle car park, where the ice cream van used to be.

The entrance was restricted a while back - I believe to stop any caravans etc going in.

However, with there being a restricted entrance, there is no way that one can avoid the huge dips and holes in the ground.

These continue all the way through the entrance of the car park.

With such a beautiful view once in the car park, it seems such a shame that many people probably avoid going in to this car park due to the damage they risk to their car. I know I will not be driving in there again in a hurry.

I am surprised that no one has taken the time to make it more vehicle friendly, so thought I would raise the issue.

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Rachel Skinner

(via email).

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