Campaigning East Budleigh pensioner pleased with petition response

A CAMPAIGNING East Budleigh pensioner is pleased with the response to a petition aimed at applying pressure on the Government to abolish plans to cut coroner services.

Kathy Moyle, 66, of Collins Park, has joined forces with a national charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), to lobby the coalition to drop plans to cut a key part of the Coroners’ and Justice Act (2009).

Mrs Moyle and CRY believe the move will cause misery to thousands of families affected by undiagnosed heart conditions.

An area representative for CRY, the grandmother, who supports the charity following the death of three family members between 1979 and 2002, is pleased that more than 1400 people have signed the petition.

Mrs Moyle, who recognised a possible link between the three sudden and unexplained deaths after watching a TV documentary – and when all surviving members were screened, wants more people to sign.

The petition, found by visiting the following website address at:, will be hand-delivered to Number 10 on March 3.

Mrs Moyle also wants the Government to allow youngsters to be given ECG tests at school to determine, at an early age, any potential heart problems.

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Both her daughter, Pauline, grandson, Matthew, and his mum, Rosaleen, died of Long QT Syndrome - which means the heart beats too long.

“When you are about 13-years-old, for instance, you get the TB jab. In other countries they are screened for any heart conditions so why don’t we have such a system in place,” she said.

“It is such a cheap thing for people to have – a very cost-effective preventative medicine.

“We should be fighting for better screening for people with suspected, inherited conditions.”

She added: “I am pleased with the response so far to the petition, hopefully, a lot more people will lend their support before its handed in.

Cardiac Risk in the Young was founded in 1995 to raise awareness of conditions that can lead to young sudden cardiac death.

The charity hopes a Government U-turn will see the end of current plans to cut the Coroners Service in England and Wales – including the abolition of plans to appoint a chief coroner.

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