Calm down...

Your article “Lib Dems’ power anger” (Journal, May 26) is nothing compared to the fact that the Lib Dems do not admit defeat.

It is true that, on the Exmouth Town Council, the Conservatives lead by one councillor. In a democracy, it is a fact that the majority rule and have the right to appoint who they wish.

It was my understanding that, after the voting, there was a substantial majority of Conservatives. To be just and fair, the actual numbers with the Town Hall were checked.

The figures show that 56 per cent of the votes were cast were for Conservative candidates, compared with 36 per cent for the Lib Dems. This clearly indicates that the majority of people who voted wanted a Conservative council.

So, to coin an apt phrase “Calm down, Lib Dems”. When the sun is shining, Exmouth’s sea is as blue as the Tories. Lib Dems stop behaving like spoilt children and give in to defeat graciously.

Anthony Robinson

222 Withycombe Village Road, Exmouth.