Hospitality and leisure companies of Exmouth - we want to hear from you

We aim to be a community for all business owners, to support and inspire

We aim to be a community for all business owners, to support and inspire - Credit: Andrew Butler / Hello! Exmouth

While comedians joke that we navigate our way through lockdowns by assessing whether the pubs are open or not, there's something to be said for how important the leisure and hospitality industry actually is. 

These are industries where people work all hours, rush through peak seasons and find innovative ways to deal with low seasons, all to make sure they’re around to welcome guests from near and far throughout the year. 

But lockdown has made it all go quiet. 

Exmouth is a hub for all things hospitality - from bars like the new Palm, to restaurants like The Olive Lounge, hotels such as The Beacon, a leisure centre, bowling and beyond, we have a great range of independent businesses.

Whether you're looking for something to do at the weekend or someone looking to visit, it's a town that's always had a mix of brilliant offerings. 

We even have some amazing award winners and finalists based in the town, including the recent finalist announcements of Exe Wake and the late Ian Stuart from Stuart Line Cruises in the Devon Tourism Awards and Hello! Exmouth becoming finalists for best English School in Europe category in the Study Travel industry awards.  

And with the current developments happening in the town and down at the seafront, with  Queen’s Drive, there's no doubt that we will drive forward into a bright business future. 

The coast at Exmouth, sandy beach and blue sea

Exmouth Chamber Business Network wants to hear from you - Credit: Hello! Exmouth

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It’s clear we are all keen for this industry to open properly again, but what can we do as a business community to help us all bounce back brilliantly?  

Whether it be support with understanding grants, advice about using the Kick-start or Apprentice Schemes to help re-staff, or even just facilitating a space to talk to people in a similar position and share advice, strategy or learnings from the brilliant 'pivot' services some of you have done, the Exmouth Chamber Business Network wants to hear from you!  

We aim to be a community for all business owners, to support and inspire.

So please, regardless of if you’re a member or not, get in touch to give us an insight into what support can uplift you and your business - email

Know that you do not have to navigate this alone and we will grow stronger, together.

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