Businesses praised for ‘keeping Exmouth alive’

Ford Simey solicitors held their annual business event at the Manor Hotel on Wednesday, January 8. S

Ford Simey solicitors held their annual business event at the Manor Hotel on Wednesday, January 8. Stuart Honour of Mortgage Help UK won the champagne raffle drawn by Deputy Mayor Bill Nash with Town Crier Roger Bourgein and presented by Linda Hewitt from Ford Simey. Picture by Alex Walton. Ref exe 2548-02-14AW. To order your copy of this photograph go to and click on Photo Orders - Credit: Archant

EXMOUTH and East Devon’s business community got off to a flying start in the new year with a gathering at the Manor Hotel on January 8, hosted by Ford Simey Solicitors.

More than 70 representatives from local companies enjoyed the event, hosted by Linda Hewitt, head of residential property at Ford Simey.

Councillor Bill Nash, deputy mayor of Exmouth, was guest of honour.

In her welcoming speech, Linda Hewitt reflected on 2013 and looked forward to 2014.

Meanwhile, Bill Nash spoke of the importance of business investment within the town.

He also congratulated those whose hard work had seen several new business start-ups.

The first Exmouth Business Awards – co-sponsored by Ford Simey and the Journal – were also mentioned, along with the boost to the town’s economy from the forthcoming National Lifeguard Championships.

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“With the economic recovery reportedly well under way, a successful business community needs to continue nurturing strong links with fellow professionals,” said Linda Hewitt.

“We also need to ensure that we continue to offer a consistently first-class service to our clients. On the subject of maintaining standards and delivering the best service possible, Ford Simey Solicitors were delighted to be voted ‘Best Professional Services Company’ at the successful inaugural Exmouth Business Awards.”

“The breadth of businesses and professions attending Ford Simey’s new year event is indicative of the sort of people we have in Exmouth,” said Cllr Bill Nash.

“It’s your hard work that contributes to keeping Exmouth alive. It’s great that we are now starting to see fewer empty shop fronts in the town and several new business start-ups. We know it’s hard, and their enthusiasm should be congratulated.

“We are looking forward to 2014 in Exmouth. Among several highlights is the National Lifeguard Championships, which will be hosted in Exmouth for the first time.”

This August event should see 3,500 competitors and 5,000 supporters coming to Exmouth, which will help boost the town’s economy.”