Business leaders vote for a unitary Devon

Tuesday, August 19 - BUSINESS leaders from across East Devon had their final debate on the Boundary Committee s two-option proposal for Devon.

BUSINESS leaders from across East Devon had their final debate on the Boundary Committee's two-option proposal for Devon.

The Association of East Devon Chamber of Commerce, which represents over 600 businesses as well as Devon County Council, East Devon District Council and local businesses such as Cranford Nursing Home, unanimously voted to support the single unitary Devon option.

They decided that the Exeter and Exmouth Unitary council option would dilute the Devon economy by nearly 25 per cent and would in time cause serious economic problems.

The chairman Paul Duriez said: "The 'me myself I' approach that the people behind the Exeter bid seem to be taking is very short sighted and undermine the community at large.

"We as a business community need to be aware of the impact that the discussions we make can have on the people we seek to serve."

People and businesses still have time to have a say on the Boundary Committee's plans.

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Letter should be addressed to Max Caller, Chairman of the Boundary Committee, The Boundary Committee for England, Trevelyan House, Great Peter Street, London SW1P 2HW.

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