Bus pass upset

I frequently use the local bus services and I am rather dismayed over passengers’ attitudes towards the drivers.

From 9.30am onwards, the army of concessionary pass holders bombards the buses and makes life for ‘payers’ hellish.

Nearly all the seats are taken before the journey is even half way through. As a result, the buses run late. The worst culprits for complaining that they have been waiting too long are the concessionary pass holders.

The drivers have enough to deal with already, so whinging from passengers for most of the day must be very unwelcome.

Some of them get on a bus, stay on until the end of the route and then ride back. They say it is because it is free and their right to do so. But, it is not free.

If the government were to introduce a 50 pence per-trip scheme, I am sure the ‘there and back’ riders and the ‘only ride to the next stop’ riders would ride a lot less.

This would also generate revenue for the bus companies and stop them from having to cut services, and the government could then reduce their contribution from 70 pence a ticket to 50 pence, giving them more funds to do other things locally.

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