Build a ‘palace’ for mini-beasts

A la Ronde is building a new insect eco-home and is inviting visitors to get lend a hand. The event is part of the National Trust’s Greener Gardening scheme.

A la Ronde plans to create a top-class home for creepy crawlies and insects on Wednesday October 27 as part of the National Trust’s Greener Gardening scheme, and hopes visitors will roll up their sleeves and get involved, from 11am until 4pm.

Lesley Strong, property administrator, said all were welcome to help build the new insect eco-home.

She said: “It’s a great way to get involved with wildlife gardening and hopefully to take some ideas away to try out at home.

“This will be a palace with a difference because we are constructing a deluxe habitat home for insects in the orchard.

“The palace will provide somewhere for insects to live and particularly overwinter.

“We are actively encouraging these beasties to come and live in the grounds so that they can help us manage pest species, and reduce our use of pesticides.

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“The mini-beasts are great fun to spot too and are particularly popular with children visiting the house.

“We also have insect safaris during the season where visitors can come along and find out more about these fascinating creatures.”

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