Budleigh Salterton residents raise rubbish fears

People from Budleigh Salterton have raised concern over a lack of street cleaners around the town during the autumn and winter months

BUSINESS people believe Budleigh Salterton could become a garbage-filled town during autumn and winter without an all-year round street cleaner.

Speaking after a number of the district council’s designated seasonal cleaners finished their term of employment across East Devon this month, several business people are concerned a build-up of rubbish could materialise in Budleigh without them.

Chris Coles, manager of AJ Coles butchers, in the High Street, said: “Most definitely there will be an increase in litter without the street cleaners.

“But, even with them, we invariably have to tidy the areas near our shops ourselves.

“It is not just down the High Street that gets messy, it is all around the town. About 15 years ago I can remember when we had an all-year-round cleaner.”

Mike Reid has run Budleigh Wines, also based on the High Street, since January 2008.

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He said parts of Budleigh Salterton could get untidy as a result of rubbish strewn around the town during the autumn and winter.

“The difference between the autumn and winter, compared with the summer when there is a street cleaner, is very noticeable.

“A shop near here recently had its dustbin raided by a seagull and the place was absolutely swamped with mess, yet the cleaner came round not long afterwards and soon cleaned it all up.

“I think the district council only empty bins during the winter and nothing else.”

Councillor Courtney Richards, former mayor of Budleigh, refused to agree with some of the business people that the streets have been submerged in garbage in previous autumn and winter months.

He said: “Of course, we would like to see an all-year-round street cleaner, but, bearing in mind the situation that faces East Devon District Council with all the cuts at the moment, I can understand why they do not want to keep them on.”

A spokesperson for EDDC said the local authority employed one full-time member of staff in Budleigh throughout the year to keep the town’s streets clean. This included continuous weekend cover.

He added: “In addition, between April and November, the council, through an employment agency, takes on one extra full-time member of staff to assist with the street cleaning in Budleigh, when visitor numbers are higher and, in the autumn, to clear leaves.”