Budleigh Salterton jellyfish alert

RARE Portuguese Man o'War jellyfish have been spotted washed up on Budleigh Salterton beach.

RARE Portuguese Man o'War jellyfish have been spotted washed up on Budleigh Salterton beach.

The sightings come on the same day the district council have warned holidaymakers around 80 Portuguese Man o'War jellies have been seen on beaches at Seaton, Beer, Branscombe and Sidmouth, as well as parts of West Dorset.

Around 80 were picked up by the coastguard and district council - and a further 20 were found at Sidmouth on Wednesday morning.

East Devon District Council staff immediately took steps to remove the offending creatures, which can deliver a painful sting that can in rare cases cause serious side-effects.

District council beach safety officer Andy Phillips said: "If you see one, don't touch it. If you step on one or are stung while swimming, take immediate action.

"The jellyfish can still sting you even when they are dead.

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"Salt water should be applied to the stung area and someone wearing gloves should remove the tentacles.

"The wound should then be treated with hot water and ice packs. If you are feeling unwell, seek medical advice."

Warning signs have been posted on beaches to make holidaymakers aware that more jellyfish could come ashore and giving advice about what to do if you are stung.

The arrival of these jellyfish is an exceptionally rare occurrence, as they are not normally found close to our shores.

They are thought to have been blown towards East Devon's coastline by southerly and south westerly winds over the past few days.

The good news is that the wind has now changed direction, so the jellies should be blown back out to sea and away from East Devon.

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