Budleigh road renamed?

A private lane leading up to Budleigh’s theatre should be renamed because even the police and local residents do not know where it is.

Town councillors last week also backed the principle of a new sign post or sign directing visitors to the venue, listed erroneously as being in Meadow Road.

The move follows a letter from the Salterton Playhouse’s chairman Malcolm Elliott to councillors.

He said that the playhouse, used recently for the high-profile Literary Festival, had been targeted by vandals and a number of windows had been smashed with stones.

He said: “When reported to the police, they have had difficulty locating the playhouse as it is not on a road.

“The address is Meadow Road, even though it is not on this road.”

He asked the council to consider naming the path leading up to the playhouse as ‘Playhouse Lane’ and putting up two signs at either end of the lane stating the location of Budleigh’s theatre.

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He added: “It was recently used for three events in the Literary Festival and I was astonished to hear that many local people had never heard of the theatre.

“It certainly needs a higher profile in the town.”

Councillor Tom Wright said: “I think the playhouse is a great asset for the town.

“It is about time they were properly recognised and adequately signed.”

Deputy Mayor Courtney Richards said: “We could rename the lane ‘Playhouse Lane’.

“We are not talking about big bucks for the sign here, just a nice painted sign so people know where they are going.”

Mayor Dick Mitchell warned that the landowner should be consulted first: “We should ask Dr Morley if he would like us to rename the footpath for him.”

Councillor Chris Kitson added: “Don’t we need to ask the blessing of Devon County Council to do that?”

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