Budleigh information centre enjoys new lease of life

Budleigh Information Centre

Budleigh Information Centre - Credit: Peter Bowler

The new Budleigh Information Centre is open and thriving.

In the guise of a tourist information office it was a struggle with costs of paid staff and a declining revenue from local advertising and shop sales, forcing it to close down
some time ago.

No doubt the pandemic closures did not help.

Now under an all-volunteer staff operation it has re-opened. All the manning and the administration is now done just by volunteers and it is well set out with plenty of stock and information brochures, as you can see from these pictures.

It is now a very lively, well run facility, with the staff eager to make it a success. As a holiday town, Budleigh needs this sort of outlet to help keep the town viable.
One of the people who got the project on the road was  Alan Tilbury, now retired but used to work as a supermarket manager and laterly ran a greengrocers shop in Budleigh. 

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