Brixington Church set for expansion

AN Exmouth church could expand to help with its work in the community.

Brixington Community Church is in talks with planners about making changes to its building in Churchill Road.

The planned changes would involve moving the church’s main vehicle entrance from Ellwood Road to Churchill Road, providing new car parking spaces, and extending the building.

There is no time frame yet for the work to be done, as planning is still at a very early stage, but some preliminary drawings have been completed.

If the work gets the go-ahead the church would have to raise the money to carry it out, either from members of the church or from external sources.

The Rev Simon Atkinson, from the church, said: “We’re expanding our youth work, we have an expanding congregation and we are looking at ways we can accommodate that.

“There are also a number of community groups that we would like to get involved with, but can’t at the moment because we don’t have the facilities.”

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Jean Honey, who organises a senior lunch group at the church, said an expansion would be very helpful.

She said: “We’re bursting at the seams. When we started we thought we’d get 12 or 15 people, but we’ve been getting about 40, not just from the church but from the whole community.

“It’s a bit of a squeeze, and we’d like some more space to store food as well.”

The church, built in 1973, has over 100 members and is currently home to many community groups, including Slimming World and The Brix youth club.

A lack of parking space means Sunday worshippers are often forced to park in Ellwood Road, Churchill Road or the Brixington village shopping car park.

The church hopes that more detailed plans will be announced shortly.