Brix's 'BIG' victory over dog bins

A NEW system to empty over-flowing dog bins has been hailed as a great success after Brixington residents kicked up a stink.

A NEW system to empty over-flowing dog bins has been hailed as a great success - after Brixington residents kicked up a stink.Residents from BIG - Brixington Improvement Group - were so concerned about overflowing dog-waste bins in Jubilee Drive and Brixington Lane, they lobbied the district council to review their procedures.Now all bins are emptied at least three times a week, while a designated 'roving' dog-bin supervisor will ensure the bins all over the town are emptied.Exmouth champion and deputy mayor Cllr Darryl Nicholas said: "We are pleased that our concerns have been listened to and that a new system has been put in place. "This will, hopefully, be successful and mean we no longer have to see the unpleasant sight of overflowing dog bins. "This should benefit not only Brixington, but Exmouth as a whole."Brixington councillor David Chapman, a spokesman for BIG, said: "This is a move in the right direction. "Our group is keen to see if we have enough dog bins and whether they are situated in the right place. "We can only make a future judgement on this if all the bins in our area are being emptied when they are supposed to. We are glad EDDC has listened and acted on this matter."There are More than 100 dog waste bins in East Devon. Each one is emptied three times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. A spokesman for EDDC said: "East Devon District Council has been listening to residents' concerns about missed collections from dog bins in Exmouth and action has now been taken."Following complaints from residents, passed on by local councillors, EDDC's StreetScene service took a thorough look at the way collections are undertaken by its contractor. "As a result, a number of improvements have been made to the process, to help ensure that bins are not missed in future."The new system has been in place for just over a week and the early signs are that there has been a marked improvement in reliability. "We will continue to monitor the situation and ask for residents' patience as the new system settles down."Requests for more dog bins should be put to your local councillor. Local organisations, rather than individuals, may sponsor a dog waste bin.The initial cost of the bin is around �250, and the annual maintenance is �150 per year. If you would like to sponsor a dog bin call, contact (01395) 517528.