Boy shot by BB gun in Exmouth park

A TEN-year-old Exmouth boy’s outing to Phear Park was ruined after he was shot by a BB gun.

The youngster, who had been riding around in the skate park during half term last week, returned to his mum’s side, who had accompanied him to the park, to say he’d been shot in the neck by a gang.

His annoyed dad, Craig Davies, who was at home at the time, described the group of troublemakers to be around 12 – 13-years-old.

“My wife called me to phone the police which I did,” he said.

“Before they arrived, many other parents with small children who were using the park, left due to the intimidating behaviour by the teenagers and their aggressive swearing.

“My point is, this happens frequently and there is no authority to turn to, apart from the police, who are overstretched to deal with this.

“Why cannot children enjoy the skate park or the swings without having to encounter such aggression?, It’s not just half term, this happens at weekends and also late afternoons.

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“This intimidation happens in inner cities not in a sea-side town. We moved from London more than 10 years ago and this sort of behaviour is becoming more and more frequent.”

A number of similar incidents involving BB guns have occurred in the last six months

As reported in the Journal, Helen Moyle, of Gibson Close, said it was only a matter of time before troublemakers tried to obtain life-threatening firearms after her two sons were hit with a BB gun, while playing out on a green near Dinan Way.

A group of youths seen firing BB guns in the High Street last August prompted the police to issue an appeal for witnesses as to their identities.

Sergeant Phil Godfrey, Exmouth neighbourhood police team leader, said: “If we get a report of somebody out in the public domain with what appears to be a firearm, we will respond to that.

“We will always treat it as if we are dealing with someone with a real weapon until proved otherwise.

“BB guns can be dangerous. My advice to parents is people should not have access to these.”