Bowling alley: answers please

REGARDING the monster on Exmouth seafront.

REGARDING the monster on Exmouth seafront. There it sits on the old swimming pool site, not even half finished, and without a hand's turn of work carried out in the last six months or so.

Does anybody actually know what it is? Rumours suggest a bowling alley, an ice rink has been mentioned, also restaurants and function rooms.

Whatever it is, it is totally out of scale with Exmouth seafront. Did anyone, for instance, actually consider the provision of car parking on the site? As far as I can see, there will not be any. That is really sensible, isn't it, in today's world.

We can only wonder at the judgement of the planning authority which allowed this monster into our midst, and the contractors who, despite claims of restarting construction in January, have apparently done nothing at all to progress the matter.

Might somebody perhaps give us a clue as to what is going on with that building?

Graham Seymour,

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of Exmouth (via email).

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