Bogus caller prompts police warning to pensioners to lock up

Exmouth police are urging the elderly to keep their doors locked in a bid to prevent bogus callers gaining access to their homes.

A bogus caller who tried to con an Exmouth pensioner out of a week’s pension has prompted a police warning to lock up.

An elderly woman, living in a flat in the town centre, at around 4pm, on Thursday, April 7, found a man had walked into her flat uninvited and was peddling goods.

The woman contacted the police after the man tried to con her out of �120 after she agreed to buy a couple of items.

Exmouth town centre neighbourhood police team are urging people to lock their doors even when at home.

Police community support officer Karen Capey said: “A white male entered an elderly lady’s flat in the town centre, uninvited, through an insecure front door, and tried to persuade her to buy various household items from his holdall, as he had no money and needed to get back to the Nottingham area.

“The items were dusters and peg bags. The elderly lady said she would buy a couple of items - he told her the total was �120.

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“The elderly lady told him to get out and contacted the police.”

PCSO Capey said most callers were genuine, but some had a more sinister agenda of duping residents and unknown callers should be turned away if unable to prove their credibility.

She urged anyone unsure of callers at the door to contact the police using the non-emergency police line.

PCSO Capey said: “Most people who call at your home will be genuine. But sometimes, people turn up unannounced, with the intention of tricking their way into people’s homes. They are known as distraction burglars or bogus callers whose only aim is to get into homes to steal their money or valuables.

“It is imperative that you ask to see an identity card but, if you have not received a letter confirming a visit from a utility company, then do not let them in.

“You can ask them to call back at a later time, when you have arranged for someone to be with you.”

The police non-emergency telephone number is 08452 777444, or if a crime has been committed at the time, contact the police on 999.

? For more information about home security, contact PCSO Karen Capey on 08452 777 444 or e-mail