Blue badge abuse

I am appalled with the on-going standard of parking in Exmouth.

Last evening (May 26), I was walking through the town centre, by The Cabin, at about 7.30, when I saw a double-decker bus stuck halfway around the roundabout.

A car with a disabled badge had parked right by The Cabin and the bus could not get around the roundabout properly.

When the police arrived, they stopped the traffic to allow the bus to reverse and then approach from a different angle. The bus was basically made to do a three-point manoeuvre.

The policeman was then chatting to the bus superviser, who had come across, while the policewoman went to find the culprit.

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When the driver arrived, she appeared to be all smiles and did not seem to realise that she had done anything wrong. The police did not even appear to give her a warning.

How can anyone not be ticketed for parking on a roundabout just because they have a blue badge to display?

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I see vehicles parked on the bus stops in The Parade and Rolle Street most evenings, but nothing seems to get done. I am not against disabled in any way, but come on, people, show some common sense.

Name and Address withheld.

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