Bin collections

Very rarely do I feel aggrieved over issues that I need to write a letter, but such has been the poor response and attitude by East Devon District Council (EDDC) to clearing the recycling backlog in Exmouth that I have felt compelled to do so.

I understand that crews have been working into the evenings, but what about weekend working and providing additional resources to catch-up?

EDDC has significant contingency monies and funds - why were these not used to provide additional services over a short period to recover? Surely, that is the point of a contingency fund - to deal with, respond to and recover from circumstances recently seen.

At the time of writing, in our street, the landfill waste has now not been collected since December 9, over four weeks ago. The revised next planned collection date sent by mail is January 10!

Publishing any further revised collections dates on EDDC’s website is simply not acceptable. Many people will not notice or be aware of this. Why has local press and media not been used to promote this?

Given all the effort to promote locals to use the revised recycling methods, the least EDDC can do is meet residents half-way and fulfil their obligations and service - which we are paying for!

Nathan Farrant

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11a Madeira Villas, Exmouth.