Beware sorcery

I believe it is important that those of your readers who are professing Christians are made aware that the views expressed on November 10, concerning the positive contributions of witches and wizards, do not represent orthodox Christian teaching.

The Bible is clear in both Old and New Testaments that there is only one source of spiritual power that is good, and that is God, to whom we have access through Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit of God is given to those who show genuine repentance and faith towards Jesus Christ.

All other claims to supernatural power, even if they purport to do good, are, in reality, in opposition to God, and Christians are warned to have nothing to do with them.

A good example to follow is found in the Book of Acts, chapter 19, verses 17-20, where many sorcerers recognised the authority of Jesus Christ over the spirit realm and repented of their sorcery by having their scrolls publicly burned!

Lee N Emerson

Minister, Scott Drive Church, Exmouth.

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