Better dog area signposting

I agree with the letter in last week s Journal regarding enforcing the dog ban laws.

I agree with the letter in last week's Journal regarding enforcing the dog ban laws.

I also walk my dog most days of the year along the beach and seafront and am shocked by the number of dogs on the parts of the beach where they should not be during the summer months.

Whenever I go to a new place and am not sure where I can free-run my dog, I look out for signs or another person with a dog who can tell me. Maybe there should be better and bigger signs on the seafront?

While writing, I would also like to know if there is any special layout that the fair are supposed to stick to when they come to the Imperial Recreation Ground?

The one there at the moment has sprawled itself practically over the entire area, not just with the rides etc, but with all their vehicles and caravans as well. They are especially close to the entrance to the Imperial Ground when coming from the Camperdown car park.

Pauline Houlden,

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24 Shelly Reach, Exmouth.

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