‘Be seen’ once clocks go back safety chiefs warn

Health and safety chiefs are reminding pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders to wear hi-vis clothing once the clocks go back next week.

Car drivers are also being urged to be cautious and look out for all other road users, especially at night and in conditions with limited visibility once the clock’s go back on Sunday October 30.

In Devon, between October and December last year, 11 pedestrians were seriously injured but none were killed, while nine cyclists were seriously injured and one was killed.

Nationally 1,548 pedestrians were either killed or seriously injured on roads and 515 adult and 46 child cyclists were either killed or seriously injured during this time.

County transport boss councillor Stuart Hughes said: “Children are particularly vulnerable on our roads and motorists can do their bit by taking extra care in watching out for them. Bikers and cyclists are also difficult to spot, simply because of their small physical size, so we would encourage drivers to take a second look for them.”