Bassetts Farm praised by inspectors

CHILDREN at Bassetts Farm Primary School thrive in its warm and caring environment leading them to acheive above average grades, education inspectors have said.

CHILDREN at Bassetts Farm Primary School 'thrive in its warm and caring environment' leading them to acheive above average grades, education inspectors have said.

Her Majesty's Inspectors (HMI's) from education watchdog Ofsted have praised the school and predict it will get even better.

Three inspectors spent two days at the school at the beginning of December and their report on the 287-pupil school has just been published.

Chief HMI Denise Morris said while many children started with skills below what was expected for their age group, by the time they left their abilities in English, maths and science were above average.

She said: "This is a good school. It provides a warm and caring environment in which pupils thrive.

"The school has improved since the last inspection (in January 2007)...

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"One of the school's greatest strengths is the way it works with parents to support pupils' education.

"Parents are pleased with the way the school looks after their children and helps them to do well."

She said the new curriculum, with its emphasis on creativity, will add impetus to pupils' achievements and their enjoyment of school.

She also praised the school's focus on keeping fit, healthy meals and the children's excellence at sport.

Ms Morris also praised new head teacher Sarah Bennett, who took over in September 2009, and said the school under her stewardship had the capacity to improve even further.

"She has a clear vision and ambition for the school," said Ms Morris. "Together with more established leaders, she has already put several good new procedures in place to improve provision and raise standards.

"Governors are very supportive and take their roles seriously."

Mrs Bennett said: "We are delighted that Bassetts Farm has been recognised as a good school.

"All the children, staff and parents have worked together to create an exciting and motivating school for the children to have the best possible learning opportunities."