Bad behaviour to be curbed as police adopt new powers

YOBS making Littleham residents lives a misery will find themselves up against new police powers now the area has become a dispersal zone.

YOBS making Littleham residents' lives a misery will find themselves up against new police powers now the area has become a dispersal zone.

In recent months, Littleham has been plagued with anti-social behaviour and the police have begun the process of placing the area under a section 30 dispersal zone - giving officers powers to break up gangs of loitering or boisterous youths.

Littleham's reprieve from anti-social behaviour will last for at least six months and the section 30 order will be reviewed after this period, and extended if necessary.

The dispersal order will include the areas of Littleham which are bordered by Salterton Road, Capel Lane and Littleham Road.

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Exmouth sergeant Philip Godfrey said Littleham's community had worked hard to crack down on anti-social behaviour, and until recently had succeeded.

Sgt Godfrey said the aim of the dispersal zone was to restore the harmony to Littleham which so many had strived to create.

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He said: "This will give us more powers and allow us to disperse the minority who cause the majority of trouble on that estate.

"This anti-social behaviour has seriously impacted on people's lives and is being reported to us almost daily.

"We are not going to allow anything to affect the good work that has been going on in Littleham."

The move comes because residents have been terrorised nightly by yobs jumping on to their cars and running through their gardens. Many have faced a barrage of abuse, name calling, stone-throwing and have been sworn at and intimidated in the street by groups of youths congregating on street corners.

The police are keen to hear people's views on the Littleham section-30 dispersal zone.

Telephone sergeants Philip Godfrey or Nick Southern at Exmouth police station on 08452 777444, or email or

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