Armed police close off Exmouth street

Armed police closed off North Street, Exmouth, on Saturday after a man with a knife threatened to harm himself

The police were called to the address following reports a 29-year-old had slit his own wrists, was resisting help and threatening to cut his throat.

Armed officers were drafted in, and the road was closed for two hours, while trained police negotiators were called in to talk to the suicidal man.

The incident ended peacefully when the injured man was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital suffering with cuts to the wrists.

Three other people inside the premises were released without harm.

Exmouth Detective Sergeant Zoe Nowell said armed officers were called in to protect police negotiators because of concerns the man had a carving knife and threats of violence.

She said there was no risk to the public during the incident.

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DS Nowell said: “He didn’t threaten any officers. He was threatening to harm himself and had barricaded himself in the house.

“It wasn’t safe for the ambulance officers to go in so they called the police.

“The officers went in and the male was compliant and taken to hospital.”

A second trained negotiator was flown into Exmouth by police helicopter, landing at the nearby football ground.

Exmouth library car par was used as police RV point until the incident ended.