Meet the Marines at Exmouth Museum on Armed Forces Day 

Mike Menhenitt of the Society of Exmouth Museum, outside the building in Sheppards Row

Mike Menhenitt of the Society of Exmouth Museum, outside the building in Sheppards Row - Credit: Archant

Exmouth Museum has teamed up with the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone for Armed Forces Day, offering the chance to find out about life as a Royal Marine. 

On Saturday, June 25, admission to the museum will be free and Marines will be on hand to meet the public between 10am and 4pm. 

Mike Menhenitt from the Society of Exmouth Museum said: “The Royal Marines are coming in full ‘yomping’ kit complete with SA30 rifles. The kit will show the public the amount they carry when on manoeuvres or into battle which is over 30 pounds or 15 kilos in weight, which often has to be carried long distances, just as they did in the Falklands war when they covered over 56 miles on foot to get to Port Stanley. Then they carried packs of around 80 pounds or 36 kilos on their backs while marching at high speed, a feat they achieved in three days. 

“Besides ammunition, there will be full survival kit and rations - everything a Royal Marine needs to survive in battle. They will be more than happy to show you items, explain how they work and to answer any questions you may have. 

“In addition to what the Marines are bringing there will be displays relating to the Marines in the museum, and outside two local military historians are bringing many other items such as a very large ex Royal Navy brass shell, deactivated weaponry and other military equipment - all designed to show visitors how the military train, exercise and protect our country. 

“The Royal Marines Charity ladies will also be attending, and will be delighted to answer your questions about the charity and how it benefits the Marines and their families; so please make sure you show your appreciation for the Royal Marines and all they do for us.” 

There will also be an exhibition by South West Water outside the museum on the day. The company used to own the museum building and still owns an adjacent piece of land, where it will set up the display. It will showcase the company’s environmental projects and offer the chance to play interactive computer games.