Answers please

I note from the front page of last week’s Budleigh Journal that Cllr Wright has apologised for giving a misleading answer to a question posed by a Budleigh resident at the Budleigh Town Council’s annual meeting.

The question was ‘ Had Budleigh Town Council approached Clinton Devon Estates about the possibility of building housing on the Greenway Lane Allotment Site?’

The response from the councillors, as a whole, was, no; whereas, in fact, the answer was yes, as reported in an article not only printed in the Journal in November 2009, but also on recent communications from CDE.

I respect that there has been an apology, but the matter raises important issues.

a) If our town council cannot remember from one year to the next what they have said, how can I have any confidence in their abilities to run the community?

b) Has the town council truly got the interests of its residents at heart if they are prepared to take away something which has been here for over 65 years in order to give something else priority, which evidently, could well be placed elsewhere?

c) And - exactly whose idea was this in the first place?!

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I am eager to hear answers and comments to the above questions!

Bridgee Malone

(via e mail).