Anne-Marie's new look to be unveiled

SHE has aired her laundry in public in Manor Gardens to be precise and has officially been Gokked by the god of fashion, Gok Wan.

SHE has aired her laundry in public - in Manor Gardens to be precise - and has officially been Gokked by the god of fashion, Gok Wan.Next week Anne-Marie James, from Littlemead Lane, will unveil her new look on national television.Responding to a request in the Journal to appear on Channel Four's Gok's Fashion Fix was self-confessed fashion fright Anne-Marie's first step to becoming a fledgling fashionatta.Since Anne-Marie, 46, was last month forced to watch in horror as every piece of her wardrobe was displayed in Manor Gardens for all to see - and Gok to pick through and throw away the worst shockers - the married Exmouth Chiropractic Clinic manager has been primped, preened, worn a myriad of glamour-puss outfits and transformed into a one of Gok's lovelies.While the Journal is unable to reveal the full extent of the jaw-dropping Cinderella transformation - you will have to watch the show - let it be said such was the change even Anne-Marie's husband of 15 years, Pete, also 46, has since failed to recognise his wife - and walked straight past her.The show focuses on women who have plenty of clothes, but nothing to wear - something Anne-Marie could identify with as, pre-Gok, she had a groaning attic full of un-wearable 80s throwbacks.Her other fashion 'crime' was to bulk buy - trousers, shirts, shoes - in the same style and colours, from supermarkets.The former IT executive, who previously loved buying top quality in-season clothes, said: "Not only would I wear the same clothes day in day out at home and at work, but I'd have lots of things that were identical. "I'm sure my friends and colleagues thought I never changed. "The final straw came - and this is what really prompted me to reply to the ad - was when my husband gave me a lovely gift-wrapped La Senza bag for Christmas. "I excitedly opened the package, anticipating lovely lingerie inside but instead I got a 'grumpy, but gorgeous' nightshirt. "I wondered 'was this how my husband now saw me?' and so I replied to the ad."I hope my programme will help any woman who felt the same way I did, to have the courage to de-clutter their closets and get out there and have some fun with fashion again." Thanks to Gok's hands-on approach, Anne-Marie's transformation has included a whole new wardrobe of core, interchangeable, pieces, to-die-for shoes and bags and a host of accessories. Her long, unflattering hairstyle has been coiffured into a sleek modern style - and she is no longer at a loss what to wear, or buy. l Anne-Marie's fashion fix will be shown on Channel 4, at 8pm, on May 19.l For a sneak preview of Anne-Marie's new look, head to Exmouth Chiropractic Clinic, in Imperial Road, on May 16, where the clinic is holding an open morning to raise funds to buy specialist equipment for Cory Ronchetti, eight, who suffers from muscular dystrophy.