An empty town

I was so shocked to find Exmouth town and seafront deserted on a lovely bank holiday morning. I went back home for my camera and took pictures from 11.10am - 11.45am.

It seems councillors have won their battle with the people of Exmouth and now have the town entirely to themselves.

My B&B is empty and guests complain bitterly about the parking charges and traffic wardens, to the extent that many have vowed never to return.

And, if the cafes in town cannot sell coffee on a sunny bank holiday morning, what’s going to happen when the council build their new one and put tables all over that huge mass of concrete that has ripped the heart out of what was once (a very long time ago) the most lovely little town in Devon.

And what on earth are traffic wardens doing dishing out tickets on a Sunday morning at 10 o’clock to the few poor people who have forgotten it is May 1 and have left their cars parked in places that were legal 10 hours and seven months prior to midnight.

Yes, the councils are spending our taxes well and are sure to encourage a wave of visitors to support our town -I don’t think.

I have many photographs to support this if you are interested.

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