Amputee calls for pizza store ramp

A disabled Exmouth man has been left fuming after being left outside a takeaway pizza store without being served.

Alek Williams, 37, from Jarvis Close, says he was unable to enter the Dominos Pizza outlet in Imperial Road due to the lack of a wheelchair ramp, and staff did not come out to take his order.

Dominos has apologised to Mr Williams and, after the Journal contacted the company with his complaints, it has now fitted an intercom system to alert staff when a wheelchair user wishes to be served.

Mr Williams, a double amputee, said: “I waited outside Dominos for 15 minutes and they just ignored me.

“It’s not the fault of the staff – they want to serve people right in front of their eyes, and people were pushing in front of me.

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“It’s not right in this day and age – it is 2011, not 1980.”

Mr Williams says that, even though an intercom system has now been installed, a ramp should also be put in place.

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“I would still like to see a ramp installed because that’s what they should have had in the first place.

“If the staff are absolutely busy, I don’t think they will come out because they will be too worried about losing other customers.

“Most other places have thought about a ramp, and Dominos hasn’t.”

A spokesperson for Dominos said: “We would like to apologise to the customer who waited outside during a busy period for their order to be taken, and a fully working call point system with signage is now in place at the Exmouth store.

“The step has remained as it was before we took over the premises. It is minimal, but staff are aware of customers with mobility issues and will happily assist them to enter the store or go outside to take their order if appropriate.”

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