Aim for top-of-table cleanliness

Many of your readers write letters, some with a passion for expressing what they see as the good aspects and praising what are undoubtedly the virtues of a beautiful county.

Others will dispute the temptation of looking at an imaginary Utopia, and point out the fact that it can be spoilt by imperfect acts of planning.

The majority feel strongly enough to convey the downside, not so much about what we all know is true - that Exmouth is wonderful. But like any town, it could be improved

This is not always an attack on our local council, although it may appear the case. We do have many hard working people trying their best with the limited resources they have. Some of the most credulous views may seem detrimental to council officers. I would like to think this is an exaggeration; it is often against a minority of ourselves, who perhaps spoil it for the majority.

We do have concern with East Devon District Council and their planning, and the way they clutter us so much. At this moment, we hear the Government is censoring councils for doing this.

We all know of the problems in such places as Newquay. We also realise in Exmouth it is not as bad.

But if our town had only half the dog mess, chewing gum or litter, we should not feel self-satisfied, as these are things we must try to eliminate altogether.

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This is what we want to hear from our council, and then maybe the people would follow. We should aim for the top of the league of cleanliness, not a mid-table position. This could be achieved, I am sure, and, yes, we must all pull together. It perhaps is 90% of the public who play the game - it is the other 10% who let us down

I would suggest that Exmouth council comes down hard on those who do create the untidy black spots we have around Exmouth so, when our visitors arrive, it may look as clean as a whistle.

But if tourists arrive in a coach and step out next to the ticket office at Mamhead, what must they think when they see the ugly empty building site next door? The council must have the power to change this.

Alec Huett,

Exmouth Quay.

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