A sorry affair...

PUBLISHED: 07:00 16 May 2014

I was saddened to read that although a standards watchdog ordered Councillor Eileen Wragg to apologise for 'discourteous and disrespectful behaviour' she is refusing to do so ("Councillor refuses to make apology", Journal, May 1, page 16).

Cllr Wragg may consider that Cllr Humphreys ‘does not represent the people of Exmouth’, but this is unfair.

In fact, John has been successful in achieving election to both the town council and East Devon District Council on a number of occasions. In Devon County Council elections for Littleham Ward he has only lost to her by a small number of votes.

We have seen the steady decline in turn-out for local elections, the lowest rung on the political ladder, which is reflected also at national level.

The reason, mainly, is that we folk consider politicians of all persuasions to no longer be in tune with our lives.

Youngsters, who are the future of our town and country, need encouragement to respect and take an interest in politics, especially with the European and national elections in the next year.

Immigrants come to this country because they believe us to be a tolerant society yet, here in Exmouth, we see a long-serving politician refusing to apologise with the excuse that ‘politics is tough’ and if Cllr Humphreys does not like her insults then ‘he should get out of politics’.

How arrogant. Not only is Cllr Wragg demeaning herself, but also the party she 

Aureol H Mitchell


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