A myriad of colour

SCORES of residents and organisations turned the town into a myriad of colour this summer in their quest to become Exmouth in Bloom Champions 2010.

Homeowners, businesses and organisations got their green fingers dirty vying for first place and runner-up in 20 categories.

These included best Balconies and Porches, Best Hanging Baskets, churches, best community effort, best hotel, pub, business and awards for best private garden in six different categories.

There were even categories for Best Use of a Recycled Object and Best Use of Recycled Water and Exmouth in bloom Chairman Pat Graham said: “The number of entries was slightly down this year, but, as always, there are some really beautiful displays around the town.

“The amount of time and effort that people put in producing such results is tremendous and everyone who entered the competition should be congratulated.

“Everyone enjoys looking at the flowers, so my thanks to you all for all the hard work you put into making Exmouth a lovely place to live in.”

Results Exmouth in Bloom Local Competition 2010

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Class 1: Balconies and Porches: Winner: 4 River Court, Halsdon Avenue; Runner Up: 1 Dray Court.

Class 2: Best Hanging Baskets: Winner: Waverley House, 1 Waverley Road; Runner Up: Summerleaze, 79 Salterton Road.

Class 3: Churches: Winner: Point in View Church

Class 4: Community Effort: Winner: Bronte Court, 63 Salterton Road; Runner Up: Exmouth Quay

Class 5a: Guest Houses with large garden: Winner: Carberry Lodge, 2 Carberry Avenue

Class 5b: Guest Houses with small garden: Winner: Breken Guest House, 13 Morton Road; Runner Up: New Moorings, 1 Morton Road

Class 6: Large Hotel: Winner: Imperial Hotel

Class 7: Small Hotels: Winner: The Dolphin Hotel, Morton Road.; Runner Up: Manor Hotel, The Beacon

Class 8: Businesses: Winner: Tythe Cottage Restaurant, Littleham; Runner Up: Highland Cars, Carter Avenue.

Class 9: Pubs and Inns: Winner: The Clinton Arms, Maer Lane, Littleham; Runner Up: The Park, Exeter Road

Class 10: Residential Care Homes: Winner: Manor Lodge, 8 Portland Ave; Runner Up: Summerleaze, 79 Salterton Road

Class 11: Private Gardens up to 5ft length: Winner: 38 Camperdown Terrace; Runner Up: 40 Camperdown Terrace

Class 12: Private Gardens 5ft to 10ft length: Winner: The Garden Flat, 17 Morton Crescent; Runner Up: 26 Liverton Close

Class 13: Private Gardens 10ft to 15ft: Winner: 7 Hollymount Close; Runner Up: 20 Moorfield Close

Class 14: Private Gardens 15ft to 20ft: Winner: 5 Mead Cottages, Littleham Village; Runner Up: 4 Mead Cottages, Littleham Village

Class 15: Private Gardens over 20ft: Winner: 85 The Marles; Runner Up: 52 Elmfield Close

Class 16: Rear Gardens: Winner: 52 Elmfield Close; Runner Up: 4 River Court

Class 17: Public Buildings: Exmouth Museum, Shepherds Row; Runner Up: Imperial Medical Practice, Imperial Road.

Class 18: Sports Clubs: Winner: Madeira Bowling Club, Queens Drive

Class 19: Best Use of a Recycled Object: 22 Liverton Close; Runner Up: 49 Camperdown Terrace

Class 20: Best Use of Recycled Water: Winner: 52 Elmfield Crescent; Runner Up: 22 Liverton Close.