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I came to Exmouth nearly 40 years ago, broken and destroyed mentally.

It was a lengthy period of concentrated therapy, treatment and convalescence, which has resulted in me being the person I am today, although my initial reception was as if I had entered a ‘Hornets’ Nest’ – the circumstances of which I will not talk about.

However, in a short while, I recovered sufficiently to have a letter published in the Journal, paying tribute to the lovely residents of Exmouth for taking me to their hearts and ‘giving me shelter from the storm’.

I was born in a gold-mining town in India, in a town called Kolar, from an Anglo/Indian background. This town was known, colloquially, as ‘Little England’ because of its equable climate, the number of English people who lived there and the natural culture and ‘feel’ of the place.

Exmouth, my adopted town, has now replaced Kolar in my affections and I can quite honestly say about this little corner of Devon: “I love these dear hearts and gentle people who live in my home town!”

May I take this opportunity to sincerely wish all your readers a contented, peaceful and Holy Advent season?

David Woolgar,

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35 Burnside,


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