A fait accompli

An unnamed spokesman has claimed that around 80 protesters marching on East Devon District Council recently were campaigning about an issue of ‘pure fantasy’ – and that the new council will agree the plans (after they have been farmed out to consultants to check the figures).

There appears to be no commitment or consensus among the ruling party at EDDC to reduce the excessive development proposed for the district, growing it by a third in 15 years.

This is evidenced partly by the recommendations of a report containing thousands of objections to the consultation. The pointless recommendation to development management committee members for their meeting on March 15 was to ‘note’ the report.

This recommendation was endorsed after an amendment (proposed by Cllr Ray Bloxham) to include people’s views expressed at the meeting. But, for some reason, four councillors – Bob Buxton, David Key, David Atkins and Mike Green - felt it necessary to oppose this modest amendment.

Add this dubious mindset on ‘listening to people’ to Leader Sara Randall Johnson’s response where, two weeks ago, she refused to stand by her statement issued before Christmas, in which she claimed there would be less development in the district. There is clearly a strong whiff of U-turn at EDDC.

Lastly, how can the new council (after May 5 elections) be in control of decisions relating to the Local Development Framework, when it is quite clear that it will be presented with a fait accompli?

Claire Wright

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