A dog-free zone has my support

PUBLISHED: 07:00 04 April 2014

In response to the letter in last week’s Journal suggesting a poll to see whether an all year round dog-free zone would be supported, I write in total support of such an idea.

My husband and I are completely fed up with having our walks on the beach constantly spoiled by out of control dogs harassing us.

We cannot make a sandcastle, read a book, enjoy a picnic or a walk without dogs endlessly running towards us at frightening speed, jumping up, sniffing around, barking, fighting, urinating and defecating right in front of us.

It is impossible to relax and enjoy Exmouth’s beautiful beach with so much harassment. It is extremely concerning to see children playing in the same sand that dogs are using as a toilet.

Dogs are banned from children’s playgrounds because of the risk of diseases caused by dog faeces, so surely there is the same potential risk on the beach?

I regularly witness dog owners obliviously wandering away from their dogs without even a backward glance at the faeces their dog has left on the beach.

As dogs are allowed on part of the beach all year round, it is concerning to think that families are swimming in water a few feet away from areas that a huge number of dogs are using as a toilet – surely this must affect the water cleanliness levels? No one wants to swim with human sewage, but dog sewage seems to be acceptable for some reason which I for one do not 

If dogs must be allowed on the beach, perhaps if they were kept on a lead they would be kept under control so that everyone could enjoy the beach – including people who are scared of dogs.

It can only be a matter of time before an out of control dog attacks a child, or a child is blinded by coming into contact with dog 

With all the investment aimed at attracting more visitors to Exmouth, surely someone should be investigating whether allowing dogs to control our beach is actually what most people want?

Fed Up Exmouth Resident

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