A cushion for hard times

A cushion for these hard times!

Many the hour I have suffered squirming on our Public Hall’s old seats. How unusual and welcome to be offered a cushion against these hard times.

It is rare for any of our elected officers to be able to offer us something so directly related to improving our comfort.

If my tax pounds can cushion better my seat, I thank whoever thought of it. I’m sure that’s money better spent than so much of our tax going to finance items that are a real pain in the seat.

Better seating will encourage better use and return visitors to our Public Hall. Without it, we risk a dead, dusty hall, that’s a financial millstone rather than the vibrant, vital, community centre that today supports so many good local groups.

Yes! Support “a cushion for these hard times”.

Jed Falby,

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96 Granary Lane,

Budleigh Salterton.