As a Designer, I am amazed that the changes to Exmouth can be seen as unlocking the town - it is more like tearing the heart out.

I have seen a Victorian bandstand removed in favour of a sterile stand.

The Strand works are already creating a stark landscape, having removed the trees, albeit some were old, but, in France, they would regularly pollard them and recognise the softness of foliage in town squares.

I was staggered to see the demolition of a thatched shelter, which was a reference to our local building materials and a symbol of our locality.

Now we have a monstrous bus shelter, which could be located in any stark, modern, urban environment with no links to our Devon buildings or the architecture in the square.

To plan a caf� and entertainment area in the locality of a war memorial is insensitive and lacking the understanding of the need to have space and areas of contemplation.

The vast sums spent on this project could have been easily reduced with some basic repair work and new paving, leaving money to fund the Rolle College campaign.

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One despairs now the seafront is to be considered; remind yourselves at the council this is the World Heritage gateway which has allowed an unfinished, monstrous bowling alley which could have been developed into a stunning lido; a marina block which, I think, is too high, and a lifeboat station which blocks out the vista to Orcombe Point!

Residents of the town need more involvement in the development of their local community.

Jennifer Kent,