A collection of Exmouth-inspired poetry, 'The Estuary and the Sea', will launch next month.

The book, published by Stairwell Books in 2023, gathers almost 20 years of works from the coastal town by the poet Jennifer Keevill.

It was showcased at literary events in York and the New Forest before making its debut in Exmouth, an experience she's described as a first.

Two poets from the community, Jenny Johnson and David Woolger, will read their collections during the event, which will be held at the Grove pub on Thursday, July 4 at 7pm.

Those interested can purchase the book for £9 on the publisher's website as well as Amazon, Waterstones online, and other bookshop websites.

The author will also be signing copies at the launch.

Ms Keevill's poetry paints a vibrant picture of life between the Exe estuary and the East Devon Coast.

Her verses highlight how life at sea and on land is integral to the area.

Several poems talk about the winter-migrating birds on the Exe estuary, boat trips, water sports, and ferry rides between Exmouth and Starcross.

Notably mentioned is a poem inspired by the Exmouth Shanty Men and another about the cruise ships that sheltered off the coast during the pandemic.

The poet even portrays the traditional Christmas Day swim through her works.

Historical details abound, including the summoning of lifeboat crews by rocket alerts before pager technology and memories of the artist, who painted ships in a café before the seafront's redevelopment.

Despite changes across time, she believes that the sea remains the same: "loving and hostile, healing and dangerous".

One of Ms Keevill’s poems, 'The Cruise Ships', is also featured on the Exmouth Community Arts website, accompanied by photographs of the cruise vessels stationed off the coast between 2020-2021.