Residents of East Devon are invited to voice their opinions on the future of their green areas as part of a consultation on the Further Local Plan.

East Devon District Council (EDDC) launched the consultation last month, with the deadline for opinion submission now nearer, set to close on June 27 at 5pm.

The Local Plan serves as the primary reference for making planning decisions in East Devon, and the feedback from residents will be essential in shaping this document.

Residents can contribute their thoughts online via the official consultation website (

One of the critical issues under consultation is the future of East Devon's green wedges.

Known for maintaining a clear divide between towns and villages that are closely located, the green wedges help these regions maintain their distinct identity.

However, the consultation proposes minor changes to these green spaces and acknowledges the potential requirement of some development in these areas to accommodate housing needs.

Alongside the green wedges, the revised Coastal Preservation Area boundary is also a topic of discussion in the consultation.

This revision aims to protect the natural coastline from inappropriate development.

The boundaries of the Clyst Valley Regional Park, a network of routes linking new developments like Cranbrook with Exeter and neighbouring villages, are also open for residents' opinions.

EDDC plans to use the feedback collected during the consultation to inform and refine the Local Plan, leading up to a final draft set to be unveiled by the end of 2024.

The final version will then undergo a public examination by a government-appointed planning inspector.