As the UK prepares to head for the polls for the general election, nominations for candidates have now closed.

Devon’s 13 constituencies will be hotly contested and pollsters are predicting that many seats could change party on Thursday, July 4.

Some seats have changed boundaries and have new names.

Here is a full list of who is standing in each seat and what happened at the last general election in 2019.

Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

Peter Gold (Reform UK), Holly Greenberry-Pullen (Liberal Democrat), Robert Hawkins (Socialist Labour Party), Cam Hayward (Green), Guy Haywood (Workers Party), Alex Moore (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Luke Pollard (Labour), Chaz Singh (Independent), Gareth Streeter (Conservative).

The seat was previously held by Luke Pollard (Lab) with a 4,757 majority. Mr Pollard  represented the seat since 2017 when he won it from the Conservatives.

Plymouth Moor View

Shaun Hooper (Reform UK), Sarah Martin (Lib Dem), Johnny Mercer (Con), Georgia Nelson (Green), Fred Thomas (Labour).

The seat was previously held by Johnny Mercer (Con) who has been elected three times, the last time with a 12,897 majority.

South West Devon

Sarah Allen (Labour), Julian Brazil (Lib Dem), Ben Davy (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Steve Horner (Reform UK), Darryl Ingram (Heritage Party), Lauren McLay (Green), Rebecca Smith (Con), Alan Spencer (Independent).

Conservative Gary Streeter, who is not standing, won this seat in 2019 with a 21,430 majority. He was an MP for more than 30 years, representing South West Devon from 1997 to 2024 and previously holding the Plymouth Sutton seat between 1992 and 1997.

Central Devon

Jeffrey Leeks (Reform UK), Ollie Pearson (Lab), Arthur Price (Ind), Mel Stride (Con), Gill Westcott (Green), Mark Wooding (Lib Dem).

The seat was previously held by Mel Stride (Con) with a 17,721 majority. He  represented the area since 2010.

Torridge and Tavistock (previously Torridge and West Devon)

Geoffrey Cox (Con), Phil Hutty (Lib Dem), Andrew Jackson (Reform UK), Judy Maciejowska (Green), Alan Rayner (Independent), Isabel Saxby (Lab).

Geoffrey Cox (Con) was elected for a fifth time in 2019 with a 24,992 majority. He was returned with a historic 60 per cent of the vote – the largest ever majority to hold the seat.

North Devon

Stephen Cotton (Ind), Nicky Edwards (Lab), Nigel James (Reform UK), Cas Lay (Green), Ian Roome (lib Dem), Selaine Saxby (Con).

The seat was previously held by Selaine Saxby (Con) with a 14,813 majority. She was elected as an MP in 2019.


Will Aczel (Lib Dem), Andrew Bell (Green), Lee Bunker (Reform UK), William Poulter (Ind), Steve Race (Lab), Robert Spain (Ind), Tessa Tucker (Con).

Sir Ben Bradshaw (Lab) was re-elected to the seat he had held since 2010 in 2019 with a 10,403 majority but announced he was standing down in 2024.

Newton Abbot

Jacob Cosens (Lab), Annaliese Cude (Volt UK – the Pan-European party), Christopher Hilditch (Reform UK), Anne Marie Morris (Con), Liam Mullone (South Devon Alliance), Andre Sabine (Heritage Party), Martin Wrigley (Lib Dem), Pauline Wynter (Green).

Conservative Anne Marie Morris (Con) won the seat in 2019 with 17,501 majority. She was MP for the constituency since 2010 but had the party whip twice withdrawn from her during 2017 and 2022 and sat as an independent. In January 2022 she voted with Labour to support a move to cut VAT on energy bills.


Steve Darling (Lib Dem), Kevin Foster (Con), Paul Moor (Workers Party), Gordon Scott (Reform UK), Charlie West (Green), Chris Wongsosaputro (Lab).

The seat was previously won by Kevin Foster (Con) with a 17,749 majority. He was first elected to the constituency in 2015.

South Devon (replacing the Totnes seat)

Michael Bagley (Reform UK), Robert Bagnall (Green), Becca Collings (Heritage Party), Anthony Mangnall (Con), Daniel Steel (Lab), Caroline Voaden (Lib Dem).

Conservative Anthony Mangnall held the Totnes seat during the last parliament winning in 2019 with a 12,724 majority.

Exmouth and Exeter East

The East Devon seat won by Simon Jupp (Con) in 2019 with a 6,708 majority has been abolished, so too has the Tiverton and Honiton seat which was won in a by-election in 2022 by Richard Foord (Lib Dem).

The two abolished seats are replaced by the Exmouth and Exeter East, Honiton and Sidmouth and the cross-county constituency of Tiverton and Minehead.

Mr Foord gained a 6,144 majority after the resignation of disgraced Conservative MP Neil Parish who had represented Tiverton and Honiton for 12 years.

The candidates in Exmouth and Exeter East are:

Paul Arnott (Lib Dem), Mark Baldwin (Climate Party), Helen Dallimore (Lab), Olly Davey (Green), Peter Faithfull (Ind), David Reed (Con), Garry Sutherland (Reform UK), Daniel Wilson (Ind).

Honiton and Sidmouth

Jake Bonetta (Lab), Vanessa Coxon (Ind), Hazel Exon (Party of Women), Richard Foord (Lib Dem), Henry Gent (Green), Simon Jupp (Con), Paul Quickenden (Reform UK).

Tiverton and Minehead

Jonathan Barter (Lab), Laura Buchanan (Green), Rachel Gilmour (Lib Dem), Fred Keen (Reform UK), Ian Liddell-Grainger (Con).

Ian Liddell Grainger was Conservative MP for Bridgwater and West Somerset from 2010. Following the boundary review the West Somerset area now comes under the new Tiverton and Minehead constituency with a separate seat for Bridgwater.