The owners of The Octagon on Exmouth seafront have applied for planning permission to change its use from a shop to a cafe.

The application (reference number 24/1119/DOC) also seeks permission for two side extensions and internal alterations.

A construction environmental management plan: “There are no adjacent buildings to the site so there will be no disruption to nearby properties/business.

“Across the road there is a hotel (Premier Inn), a pub and a café with residential flats above.

“The distance between the Octagon and the business's/ residential accommodation opposite is big enough to ensure noise and particle pollution is minimal if at all.”

You can read the full application on the East Devon District Council planning portal.

These are the other applications submitted to East Devon District Council for approval from week commencing Monday, June 3:

These documents will be assessed by officers at EDDC and either approved or refused.

Use the reference number at the start to read the full document on the EDDC portal.

24/0974/LBC. 15 Fore Street Sidmouth EX10 8AH. 1no. non illuminated fascia sign and 1no. non illuminated hanging sign on front west elevation.

24/1162/DOC. Rapshayes Farm, Gittisham, Devon, EX14 3AB. Discharge of Condition for 20/0782/LBC: Condition 5 (Details), Condition 6 (Lime Mortar) & Condition 7 (Cladding).

Ref No: 24/1128/TRE. 21 Walcott Way, Dunkeswell, Honiton, EX14 4XP. Group of x7 Ash - pollard to previous cut points, due to ill effects of Ash die-back.

24/1123/TRE. 10 Heather Grange, West Hill, lEX11 1XZ. T1 Birch - fell. Reason, Kretzschmaria deusta decay fungi at base.T2, Douglas fir - shorten low branch over drive by 2m to allow high vehicle access.T3 Oak - cut back long branch at 12m on west side extending towards the garage, by 1m to suitable side branch.T4 Holly - reduce upright growth by approximately 1.5m and re-shape to improve form.T5 Spindle - fell, to improve access.Group of eight Holly beneath pines - remove. Reason suppressed and poor form.

24/1147/TRE. The White House, 3 Northview Road, Budleigh Salterton, EX9 6BY. T1, Oak: reduce southern aspect by ~2.5m away from neighbouring property, back to northern edge of garden path; maximum diameter of cut (MDC) 25mm. Crown lift to 3m above ground level, MDC 25mm. Reduce height by 2m and reshape slightly to leave a balanced canopy, MDC 40-50mm. T4, Maple: crown lift by removing 1 tertiary limb on southern aspect back to source on parent branch, MDC 50mm. Tip prune remaining overhanging branches to achieve the desired finished of 2.5m clearance from ground level, MDC 20mm. Reduce southern aspect and height by 1.5m, MDC 25mm.

24/1131/TRE. 18 Ridgeway, Honiton, EX14 2GF. Weight reduction by 20% by pruning back to the next suitable growth points maintaining maximum cuts of up to 70-120mm whilst also maintaining a natural shape on the tree. | Validated: 05/06/2024

24/1135/TCA. Barnhill Brampford, Speke, EX5 5HG. T1 - Sweet Chestnut - coppice back to cliff face (cyclical works) - reduce weight on sandstone cliff face.T2 - Sycamore - fell (poor placement of self-seed).T3 - Copper Beech - crown-lift to 6m (feathered fringe - skirt to not be cut straight edged).G1 - Goat Willow - coppice selected stems along the bank of the River Exe - reduce overloading along River bank (works to be carried out in a cyclical manner to reduce visual impact).

24/0938/AGR. Mohuns Ottery, Luppitt, Honiton, EX14 4T. A steel portal framed agricultural building. 

24/1132/DOC. 90 Winslade Road, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 9EZ. Discharge of Condition for 23/2317/FUL: Condition 4 (Materials).

24/1133/DOC. Drakes Farm, Seaton Road, Musbury, DevonEX13 8AJ. Discharge of Conditions for 24/0341/FUL: Condition 3 (Landscaping).

24/1136/TRE. The Croft, Rockbeare, Devon, EX5 2EG. T1 - Monterey Pine: fell. Reason: tree causing damage to listed structure (wall). | Validated: 04/06/2024

24/1127/TRE. 6 The Stables, Shute, EX13 7NY. 1, Sycamore - remove (its branches are a source of damage to the barn which is adjacent to it).2, Ash - removal of branch that overhangs the barn.

24/1124/TCA. The Limes, Brampford Speke, EX5 5DW. Cyprus - fell (damaging wall).

24/1129/DOC. Wellsprings Farm, Pound Lane, Upottery, HonitonEX14 9QB. Discharge of condition for 20/2185/FUL: Condition 4 (walled garden).

24/1130/DOC. 29 Winters Lane, Ottery St Mary, EX11 1AR. Discharge of condition for 23/0653/RES: Condition 2 (materials).

24/0936/AGR. Stopgate Farm, Yarcombe, Honiton, EX14 9NB. Prior approval for a steel portal frame building to roof over an open yard area.

24/1055/FUL. Sea Drift, Lime Kiln Lane, Uplyme, DevonDT7 3XG. Erect garaging to existing driveway.

24/0627/FUL. 9 Coastguard Road, Budleigh Salterton, Devon, EX9 6NU. Removal of shed and front porch to be replaced with single storey extension to the front, side and rear of the property; new roof over previous first floor extension; new boundary fence and new garden shed.