An East Devon-based charity is preparing to jet off to Zambia, to lead a special week in a small community.

This team of volunteers from The Nayamba Trust, closely connected to the charity in various roles, will spend their time concentrating on phonics, sport and PSHE in this rural village, whilst also covering their own travel and expenses.

One of the fundamental principles adopted by The Nayamba Trust ensures that every penny raised in donations is dispatched directly to Zambia.

As part of the planned effort, this would mark the 10th occasion of such a trip organised by the charity.

A robust and diversified program has been strategically designed prior to the journey, focussing specifically on improving areas such as reading, phonics, and self-esteem.

Chair of the Trustees, Vanessa Pestridge said: "We are truly humbled to have such a dedicated and talented team willing to come and share their skills and expertise.

"This is the 10th time we’ve taken a group out to Zambia, and we have every reason to think this trip will be the most impactful to date."

She finished by saying: "Every little donation or offer of help can make a huge difference to the life of a child in Nayamba."

One of the participating members, Helen Day, a teacher from Lympstone Village Primary School, expressed her enthusiasm about the upcoming visit.

She said: "I am very excited about the prospect of visiting Nayamba School in Zambia next month.

"I have been involved with this fantastic charity since last year as a 'Curriculum Champion', helping to produce educational and promotional resources for schools in the UK.

"It has been a privilege to help raise awareness of their wonderful work in providing education and enabling aspiration for children in this rural setting.

"When the opportunity to visit Nayamba arose, it was too good to miss.

"I am not at ease with flying, or spiders but the chance to see and support the children and staff at the school firsthand, will be worth stepping outside of my comfort zone."

Nayamba School was established in 2010 by the owners of Nagwaza Farm situated in the Chisamba district of Zambia.

The founders had the intention to educate the children of the workers employed on the neighbouring farms and forests as there was a lack of affordable schools in the vicinity.

Now, the school facilitates the learning of over 350 local children.

Presently, Nayamba School is regularly aided by The Nayamba Trust, a charity built around a thriving educational community.

In addition to three classrooms and a small office, the school now provides a pre-school, 10 classrooms serving students from Years 1 to 9, and a sustainable trade centre for apprentices to acquire a trade once they graduate from Nayamba School.