According to the World Health Organization, about 1 in 10 UK adults develop joint pain in their late 40s to mid-50s, but now it also affects more and more younger people. Usually, they get it from being overweight, having a sedentary job and poor posture, or being highly active and athletic, which over time can strain and damage the joints.

According to Tomas Kadusauskas, a surgeon at Nordorthopaedics Clinic, a leading international orthopedic center in Lithuania, there is a so-called Liposmart treatment that is safe and has been practiced for many years.

This treatment helps to relieve joint pain, increases their function, and postpones joint replacement or other specific orthopedic conditions. It means that during it patients are injected with their fat tissue which is usually taken from the stomach through small 2-3 mm incisions. Then they are processed, prepared with Liposmart kits, and injected into the joint.

However, what most people don’t know is that general or combined anesthesia is required which is a significant downside of this treatment. “To prevent this, our clinic has recently begun combining this procedure with plastic surgery. This allows patients to avoid anesthesia. Initially, we conduct liposuction and if there is any excess fat left, we inject it into the joints,” Dr. Kadusauskas explains.

Also, many patients mistakenly believe this surgery is a simple cosmetic procedure suitable for anyone. The truth is that it is usually performed on patients with II, III grade joint arthrosis, particularly when other injections have not been effective.

Not a surgery replacement

In some cases, the Liposmart method can postpone the need for major joint surgery by stopping degeneration and encouraging regeneration. However, Dr. Kadusauskas does not see it as a replacement for surgery as its effects typically last for about a year, depending on the osteoarthritis severity.

Dr. Kadusauskas also emphasizes the importance of post-treatment care for optimal results. He advises starting physiotherapy to improve muscle strength and balance after the procedure. Moreover, intense physical activity is limited from one week to 10 days. After that, most patients can go back to their normal workout routines, but it's crucial to start easy and then gradually raise your exercise intensity.

“Recovery time will vary based on the extent of surgery. If you had Liposmart on multiple areas, expect a longer recovery compared to someone who had only one or two areas done,” the surgeon explains.