Exmouth Town Council and Open Door are holding a plant-based treaty night. 

In December 2023, Exmouth Town Council endorsed an Exmouth-relevant version of the international Plant Based Treaty (Exmouth Plant Based Treaty). 

To celebrate this initiative and raise awareness of how diet change is a powerful way to tackle climate change, organisers invite you to a plant-based bring & share meal at Open Door on May 20th from 6pm to-8pm

This is a free event - They just ask you to bring a (bought or made) vegan dish to share and list the ingredients to encourage idea-sharing and help those with allergies. 

Zoey Cooper, climate change officer at Exmouth Town Council said: "During the meal, we'll invite you to share your recipes and suggest ways we can work together to promote healthier, plant-based eating in Exmouth. 

"If you can't make it on the 20th don't worry - this will be the first of many regular plant-based bring & share meals in Exmouth. "

RSVP to zoey.cooper@exmouth.gov.uk