Helen Dallimore has been announced as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Exmouth and Exeter East.

Her key priorities are: rebuilding trust in politics, prioritising the environment and investing in public services.

Helen, who lives in Exeter with her family, is an employment lawyer currently working as a consultant to businesses of all sizes - local to global - on creating positive cultures, ensuring fairness and appropriate behaviour.

Helen grew up in North Devon, attending local state schools and colleges. Having worked in London as a lawyer, she returned to Devon 15 years ago and now lives in Exeter with her husband and children.

Helen says she understands the importance of fair, transparent and accountable leadership and wants to use her professional skills to tackle the toxicity of politics.

Other candidates standing in the Exmouth and Exeter East constituency include Conservative David Reed, Independent Dan Wilson, Lib Dem candidate Paul Arnott and former Exmouth mayor Olly Davey for the Green Party.

Dallimore says she understands the issues local people face and wants to represent the people of Exmouth and Exeter East to create a fairer, greener and more positive future where everyone. Helen recognises there is much to do to address the issues created after 14 years under a Conservative government.

Helen said: “I want to build a fairer, greener future for all and fight to ensure that the people of Exmouth and Exeter East can access essential services, so it is an even better place to grow up and grow old in.”

“In my career I have fought against harassment and discrimination and advised global and local businesses to create diverse, inclusive, more positive and productive workplace cultures. I now want to bring my skills and experience to the place that needs it the most: Parliament.”

Ben Bradshaw MP for Exeter said: “I know Helen and she would make an excellent MP for Exmouth and Exeter East. As a local mother of two, employment lawyer and workplace consultant, she has a strong grasp of the challenges we all face. She will use her skills and experience to drive positive change for Exmouth and Exeter East and be the fresh start the constituency needs.”