Tripadvisor has rated Sundowners on Exmouth Strand as the number one place for lunch in the town, so naturally I had to see for myself.

And TripAdvisor was right. I went for a spot of lunch at the cafe on Friday, May 6 and was immediately welcomed by the friendly staff. After perusing the menu for a while, I ordered my lunch at the bar and went for the chicken mayo panini with peri-peri sauce and an iced latte.

The cafe serves home-cooked, healthy meals at affordable prices, with a selection of menus to suit all. From a vegan and vegetarian menu, a gluten-free menu and a slimmers' menu. They also offer a breakfast menu, a range of sandwiches and paninis and sausage rolls.

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The specials of the day included Thai butternut squash, roasted butternut squash with feta salad and chickpeas and a bacon and mushroom quiche, the quiche did intrigue me and I almost ordered it myself.

Exmouth Journal: Sundowners on The Strand in Exmouth. Picture: Exmouth JournalSundowners on The Strand in Exmouth. Picture: Exmouth Journal (Image: Adam Manning)

Being a Friday lunchtime and the sun was out, the place was packed, with most people choosing Al Fresco on the Strand. I sat inside and took in the Spanish-style décor, noticing above the bar a lovely mural with their logo on it of the seafront. A stained glass window above the door, it really felt like I was in Barcelona. 

After a short while, my meal was cooked and ready to be served, the chicken mayo toasted panini with dairy cheese (vegan cheese is also available) arrived in front of me with a French dressing salad. It really was delicious with a tasty sauce, and the salad had lettuce, radish, onions and peppers.

I can really see why this is the top-rated cafe in Exmouth

The meal was lovely with the friendly staff and a really welcoming vibe.

The place was really busy so people must agree that it is the best cafe in Exmouth to meet up with friends and have lunch.

The cafe is rated five-star on Tripadvisor and the number one place to eat in Exmouth. You really must try the place if you are stuck for somewhere to go for lunch or breakfast in the Strand.