Following a by-election held in the Exmouth Brixington ward, Councillor Aurora Bailey has been elected to East Devon District Council (EDDC).

586 residents voted for Aurora Bailey (Conservative Party), who won the seat in Exmouth Brixington after a turnout of 26%.

Three other candidates stood for the seat, Julie Bennett (Labour Party) received 339 votes; Dianne Conduit (Liberal Democrats) 513 votes and Michael Rosser (Green Party) 136 votes.

The seat became vacant after Councillor Fred Caygill ceased to be a member. The other councillors for Exmouth Brixington ward are Councillor Maddy Chapman (Conservative Party) and Councillor Cherry Nichols (Conservative Party).

EDDC's political make-up is now: Democratic Alliance Group: 30 seats. Conservative group: 15 seats. Independent Group: 10 seats. Independent Councillor Group: 2 seats. Independents: 2 seats. Labour: 1 seat.