Exmouth RNLI has submitted a planning application to EDDC, to replace the roof on the station building.

Document 24/0416/FUL involves removing and replacing the existing roof covering and increasing its height to allow more insulation.

The reason for replacing it is because the existing copper roof of the Lifeboat Station has failed and the underside fixings have corroded. A temporary fixing has been installed. The roof needs to be replaced and two of the side roofs need to be upgraded with increased insulation.

This proposal is to remove the existing roof coverings and replace with a new copper roof with new Marine Grade aluminium decking, new insulation to two side roofs only, new underlay and new copper covering. 

The application has been submitted to the planning department at East Devon District Council, who will review it and then make a decision to either approve or refuse it. 

Read the full application on the EDDC planning website.