This morning, after leaving the house in a hurry and not having breakfast, by the time I arrived in Exmouth I was ravenous. 

On my search for a bacon sandwich to cure my hunger, I decided to head to Porky Down butchers in Exmouth's Magnolia Centre.

Before stepping into the store, I was welcomed by the friendly staff working there, and a board offering burgers, bacon, and sausage roll. With an amazing selection of toppings, onions or cheese. 

Once selecting a bacon roll, I was asked if I would like to add onions and what sauce I would like - I opted for tomato ketchup. This is something my dad always laughs at me for, as apparently the right sauce for a bacon sandwich is brown sauce, but he is wrong - it is definitely ketchup. 

Before I even had time to get my wallet out, the roll was ready, I remarked how quick it was, to which the staff replied, 'yes mate, quicker than McDonald's in here'. He wasn't wrong, and much better tasting than McDonald's as well.

I couldn't wait to tuck in, but first I had to snap a picture for the article. The bacon was crispy and of good quality, and a lot of it as well, they certainly didn't scrimp in filling up my roll with bacony lovely goodness, all with a soft roll and lashings of ketchup. I didn't opt for onions in the end, I thought that didn't really pair well with a bacon sandwich, but that's just my personal preference. 

The taste was amazing. Just what I needed for a busy day at Exmouth Library holding drop in sessions for members of the public.